Sunday, June 17, 2012

Shoes Say Volumes About Your Personality

People say clothes count for first impressions. They really do, because each person has his own style which reflects his or herpersonality. But can shoes say volumes about their owner? According to psychologists they can. Shoes show your fashion sense, status, neatness, attention you pay to details, etc.
Stilettos as weapon
If you love stilettos you are most likely a vivid and extraordinary person who longs for attention. You can be capricious and a bit spoilt but you always get what you want. You are confident about your powers and sex appeal. However, some people take you as a silly and shallow girl.
Flats for comfort

Flats-lover is usually sweet, friendly and a little boring. Deep in your soul you are still a child. You try to look open and prepossessing but strangers can hardly get too close to you. Women who like flats are usually great fashionistas who are fond of wearing new clothes. You are kind and considerate. And men see you as a very fragile person who they want to care for.
Biker-style queen
You are reserved and a bit egocentric. You don’t trust people and prefer doing everything yourself. But at the same time you are smart and sensitive and often worry about your relations with other people. You get sincerely surprised with rudeness and inadequate behavior.
If you like loafers and oxford shoes you belong to a group of women who are undemonstrative and prefer hiding their feelings even if their souls are in flames. You know what you want and achieve your goals no matter what happens and people around you think. You can be too punctilious which bothers you to make friends easily.
Girl who has a weak point about sporty footwear is normally creative and sociable. They love traveling and feel extremely bored when routine makes them stay at the same place for long. You need to always be among people who love and respect you.

Comfortable sexiness
Women who wear wedge shoes are usually straightforward, confident and love power. However, when it comes to decision making they tend to hesitate. In relationships they seek for reliability and trust.

And while we generally prefer the same style of footwear to wear on the daily basis we still love experiments and this explains how in one wardrobe one can keep all existing shoe styles. Don’t take this article very seriously but isn’t it generally true about you?

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