Saturday, June 23, 2012

Perfect Couple – Perfect Health

When we combine this food with one another, they will bring more beneficial effects on health. Let’s find out these below interestingly “perfect couples”. 

Yogurt-honey: good for digestion
These foods have benefits separately, and in combination, the two can work together for health.
Scientists at Michigan University state that high glucose content from honey aids in the development of healthy enzymes in yogurt. Therefore, the combination of yogurt and honey helps to improve the immune system, strengthen digestion health and reduce some diseases like constipation. Moreover, Yogurt and honey as a nutritive snack in moderation can also be a low calorie, nutrient-dense food providing an ideal balance of carbohydrates and protein.
Bean-chili: improve immune system 

Bean is a great source of iron, but your body only can absorb 20% iron if you consume bean separately. Iron has a very different structure, thus you body has difficulty in absorbing this iron. In order to increase its nutrient value, you should combine bean with foods rich in vitamin C like chili. In this case, vitamin C controls iron substances, make it easy for iron substances go directly to blood. It helps to produce more red blood cells and improve immune system as well. Iron is easily found in cereal, beans, meanwhile vitamin C found in orange, mango, tomato, grapes…

Chinese cabbage-bean: good for bone
Chinese cabbage is believed to help in calcium absorption. There is no specific explanation till now, but in combination, Chinese cabbage and bean have beneficial effects on fighting with osteomalacia.
Tomato-cooking oil: heart disease prevention
Carotenoid in tomato contains lots of antioxidants which help protect your heart. Add some drops of olive oils to tomato salad can prevent cancer. The combination of fats and carotenoid improve carotene absorption, thus help other organs function properly. This food combination is also known as a good way to avoid heart disease.
Red wine-vitamin E: cancer prevention
In combination, resveratrol found in red wine and vitamin E enlarger blood vessels for good blood circulation. It’s considered to be good for heart and help in controlling the development of cancer cells. Vitamin E mostly found in soyabean oil, peanut butter, mango and kiwi. Mixture of red wine, mango juice and kiwi is an excellent drink as well.
Tomato-cauliflower: cancer prevention
A latest research of Illinois University (US) reveals that men who consume tomato and cauliflower at least 3 times a week are less likely to suffer from prostate cancer by 30%. The benefit of antioxidants in tomato gains when it mixes with cauliflower.
Peppercorn-green tea: good for heart
According to Rutgers’s research, add some peppercorn to your daily meal and drink tea as dessert promote the resistance and have positive effects on heart health.
Green tea- vitamin C: cancer and stroke prevention
Green tea is a great source of vitamin C, helps your body absorb antioxidants. The interesting thing is that vitamin C protects green tea catechins from degradation. It therefore reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke.
Yogurt- Inulin: good for bone and digestion
Inulin improves the development of healthy enzymes in yogurt and increase the calcium absorption as well. Inulin is found in garlic, onion, banana…Therefore, you should add some banana slices to your yogurt.

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