Sunday, June 3, 2012

Milk Only Effectively Prevent Osteoporosis Before Age 30 Years

Current state of health is largely determined by parents of healthy habits do when we were younger. Many elderly people who have the disease because they did not implement a healthy lifestyle early on. One of the diseases closely with the elderly is bone loss. The disease is caused because the body gets less calcium intake is necessary for bone formation.
When young, the formation of new bone cells faster than the destruction of old bone so that bone density is still awake. After age 30, the destruction of old bone cells faster than the formation of new bone cells and bone density will decrease rapidly. The lower the bone density, the greater the likelihood of developing osteoporosis or bone loss.
Before reaching the age of 30 years, saving the body calcium to strengthen bones. If after the 30-year-old saved amount is not enough calcium, your bones will be brittle after the age of 30 years and over.
Calcium needs are highest in the teenage years, as many as about 1300 mg per day. Intake of calcium can be obtained from the daily diet. Raw foods contain lots of calcium is milk. A total of 600 mg of calcium obtained by drinking two glasses of milk every day.
Worryingly, osteoporosis or bone loss can not be predicted and was only discovered when the damage is severe. Therefore, the disease is called a silent disease. The disease attacks Indonesia 20-25% of women in old age. In order to avoid this disease, prevention must be done early.
Nevertheless, it does not mean that people who already have osteoporosis then would not benefit from the intake of calcium. People who already have osteoporosis can slow thinning of the bones by increasing calcium intake.
By increasing the intake of calcium, the body is still able to obtain material for bone formation even though the body is still a lot to the process of bone destruction

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