Saturday, June 16, 2012

How To Choose a Maxi and Trendy Maxi Skirt

Maxi skirts have been trendy many times throughout the fashion history but each time they returned with a twist bringing something fresh and unexpected to fashionistas. This spring maxi skirts come in a variety of great colors (blue, green, turquoise, raspberry, red as well as neutrals like black and white, and pastel colors) and prints (wild prints, especially leopard, stripes, florals, etc.) Designs of maxi skirts are also different (pleated, draped, frilled, asymmetrical, straight, etc.). 

How to choose a maxi skirt to fit your shape
Maxi skirt is a rather versatile item. It is great for every shape and when chosen right it can conceal woman’s problem areas and emphasize her assets.

Tall ladies, who want to look shorter, should choose a maxi skirt in two colors separated with a horizontal line. Flats, a bolero and a short blazer will also help you create a shorter look.

Petite women should team floor-length skirts with tight-fitting tops with V-necklines and heels to elongate their silhouettes. However, it would be wise to stay away from prints and frills as these tend to make one look shorter.

Slim girls can try the trendiest design of a maxi skirt – pleated maxi. But plump women should avoid those. Plump girls should also be careful with clinging maxi skirts made of strong fabrics as these will make you look bigger and accentuate areas you would wish to hide.

For ladies with big breasts and/or broad shoulders we can advise to try maxi skirts with high splits to balance figures.

To emphasize her midriff a woman should wear a high-waisted maxi skirt which looks good with high heels.
Maxi skirts help to hide imperfect legs.
Dark-colored maxi skirts can also create the illusion of a slimmer silhouette in the area of thighs and bottom.
How to wear trendy maxi skirts

Maxi skirts are quite versatile and can be great for creating a variety of looks, from romantic for a date to business for work (if your don’t have to stick to office suits and white shirts, of course).
Maxi skirt with a demure blouse and a well-tailored blazer will make a good classic ensemble.
Clinging top, light summery jacket and a maxi skirt will look perfect on a vacation.

For en edgier look young girls tend to co-ordinate maxi skirts with biker boots and fur jackets.
For colder temperatures it would be wise to wear a maxi skirt (of lighter fabrics like silk or chiffon) with a leather jacket or a knitted cardigan.
Narrow and straight-line skirts can be combined both with clinging and loose tops while full maxi skirts look their best with close-fitting tops.

Printed maxi skirts should be mixed with monotone tops and monotone skirts can be worn with both printed and monotone tops.

Maxi skirts look unflattering when combined with long cardigans and blazers (proportions of figure are distorted).

Large rings and bracelets (cuffs, bangles, etc.) complement looks based on maxi dresses ideally. Ethnic jewelry can create a bright look, too.
Wide belt can accentuate one’s midriff.
Wide-brim hat can serves as lovely finishing touches to a look based on a maxi skirt.
Footwear you choose to wear with a maxi skirt can be different: flats, wedges, espadrilles, heels, etc. All depends on the look you want to create.

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