Sunday, October 14, 2012

Six Fashion rules to follow

I like watching people choosing their clothes in stores but very often I feel an urge to come up to a person and tell him he is selecting a wrong item. It may sound funny but some people seem to be unaware of simple fashion rules, those rules that have been tested for years.

In this article I decided to write about rules which seem ordinary to many of us but as experience shows not all people know them.
• Double denim is to be avoided.
Denim is a type of clothing that goes with absolutely anything except for… denim.

Yes, I want to say that denim on denim will never look good. Unless you are a cowgirl and work at a rodeo, stay away from wearing a total-jean outfit in public. It looks sloppy and isn’t stylish at all. Jeans and denim jackets separately are fabulous but not together unfortunately.
Pajamas are not for public.
Pajamas are great and I’ve seen too many women wearing them in public, but this is a bad taste and will never become a good one!

As far as you wear a pajama for a day out you show that you don’t care at all about how you look.
• Underwear seen through your clothes is a not.
Panty lines are a fashion don’t and they really look horrible. Thong is quite cheap and comfortable nowadays.
Why not wearing it?
I know about all dangers concerning thong wear but following usual hygiene rules they are easily to avoid. In case thong is forbidden to you by doctors for some reason, try seamless boy shorts – they are a good alternative though don’t look so sexy.
Another fashion crime is a brightly colored bra worn with sheer blouses. It looks interesting on the catwalk but may not be appropriate for everyday wear. Make sure you don’t wear a black bra under a white shirt, nude one is much better.
• Don’t wear white to a wedding except for you own one.
This rule has been tested by time and still works for today. Unless it’s your big day you shouldn’t wear white to a wedding as you automatically upstage the bride.

Even if you look gorgeous wearing white or if the bride is wearing a different color, you still should avoid donning white attire. It’s all about respect and being a good guest. Take a look at a range of ladies wedding outfits but never break this rule.
Being overdressed is better than underdressed.
This is right for work outfits and clothes for other occasions as well. Of course, it can be a bit embarrassing to look over-dressed for work, but it is much better to make a good impression than looking like a slob. If you feel unsure about an item of clothing just leave it and look for something else, more appropriate. Looking too good isn’t bad at all.
• Comfort is above all.
This rule is of utmost importance. No matter what the occasion is, don’t wear something you feel uncomfortable in.
Fashion should make you look and feel great but if you’re wearing something you don’t like, it’ll be seen on your face. You won’t look confident and is likely to focus on your clothes rather than having a nice time.
Though rules have exceptions I recommend you not to break these.

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