Monday, October 15, 2012

How to Choose a Good Slip

Great lingerie makes great look. This is the statement that is always true. Even the best and the most luxurious dress will look unflattering if you wear ill-fitting underwear. So, it’s essential to know how to choose lingerie and what to choose under a certain piece of clothing. Today I’ll speak about slips that are good to don under a sleek dress.

Slips are sexy and comfy. They help prevent chafing of dresses and skirts as well as protect fancy fabrics from perspiration. There are also slips that one wants to wear for warmth or protecting skin from wool and other coarse fabrics. And despite it seems so easy to choose a nice slip you do need to know a few tricks to invest money into a really good piece.
First, you should think about coordinating your dress fabric with the slip fabric. For half-tight silk dresses it is necessary to choose slips made from mesh. Nude slips go well for any light dress while black slips work ideally for black dresses.
The texture of the slip is also important to take into account. If you plan to wear a sleek and tight dress you need a sleek slip. Opt for solid materials with tightening properties to prevent bulking and unflattering silhouette. Such slips may also serve as bras providing great support. Keep in mind the neckline of the dress you are going to wear. You should find a slip with the same neckline.
 Slip can come in form of skirts or tops to be worn under shirts and blouses as well as fancy skirts. The best way to find the slip you want is to take the dress (skirt, blouse) with you for shopping. You can try different styles before you find something that fits and looks good.
There are a lot of slip designs that come in various sizes, from really small for skinny girls to bigger ones, for plus-size ladies. And those plus-size slips look very cute too, despite the fact plus-size lingerie in general doesn’t look very attractive. You can find some great-looking styles online.

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