Sunday, October 14, 2012


Smooth and healthy skin is the most wanted for women. You might already use a chocolate butter or cream, and all stuff skin spa treatment. Don’t you know to make your skin smooth and healthy you are not getting it only in beauty spa, beauty therapy center but at your own home. By making homemade treatment skin care by using sea salt, lime and cocoa powder can be a smart solution for your dry and rough skin. Before we start for the steps, we will give you information why we need to use sea salt, lime and cocoa powder as the ingredients.
Sea salt is being popular in beauty product recently. Many beauty experts found that salt is useful for remove dead skin. In other words, it is an excellent exfoliating treatment. It will help exfoliate the dead skin cells if you scrub the sea salt in your skin. Besides that according to cited in sea salt bath therapy provides psychological benefits and improves quality of sleep
In addition, lime is beneficial as anti-aging skin. It prevents the damage of skin and pigmentation. The vitamin C content is useful to make your skin brighter.
Furthermore, in here we also use cocoa powder as our beauty homemade treatment. We are sure you are ever heard of chocolate skin care, you might be having a skin lotion, butter, scrub which made from chocolate. There are plenty reasons why we use chocolate or cocoa powder as skin care as explained below:
  1. It contains powerful anti-oxidant which helps reduce free radical
  2. It nourishes your skin.
  3. It softens your skin by its deep moisturizer.
  4. It   can smooth wrinkles.
  5. It heals the skin irritation and prevents the damage of skin elastic and other protein, collagen as well.
  6. It can exfoliate the dead skin and regenerate the new one.
At last, we will tell you about the steps of making the homemade skin care by using sea salt, lime and cocoa powder.
First, prepare three tablespoons of sea salt into a small bowl.
Second, slice a half of fresh lime and squeeze it to the sea salt then mix it.
Third, before you exfoliate your skin by using the sea salt and lime, you need to prepare four tablespoons of cocoa powder in separated bowl then pour a little warm water into the cocoa powder.
Then, stir it until look thick and smooth.
After that, exfoliate your whole body skin by using sea salt and lime mixture. Scrub it softly. Then, let stand it for 5 minutes then rinse it off by using cold water.
After you dry your skin off, mask your whole skin body by using the melted cocoa powder and let stand it for 15 minutes.
Last, rinse it by cold water and feel your velvet skin. Happy try!

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