Sunday, August 19, 2012

How to look five kilograms lighter

Hot summer weather makes people sweat a lot. It is the time of year for people to hide their surplus fat and expose themselves to help cool down. However, people who have a chubby upper body may hesitate at the thought of exposing their thick arms and love handles.
Wearing short pants and a loose top is a way to draw attention to legs and away from the upper body. Let’s find out what kind of summer styles will make you look like you’ve lost five kilograms.
Straight style makes you look bigger
Koyote’s Shin Ji always wears clothes that make her waistline stand out. She is a little chubby as entertainers go, but she isn’t afraid of the exposure. She chooses clothes that have banding in the chest and complements her voluptuous figure with a vest to make her waist look slimmer.
Wear clothes with a low-cut neckline
V-necks are good for people who have a chubby upper body. This body type usually has a chubby face and neck as well, so a polo shirt with a collar can make them look as if they’re stuffed into their clothes.
Seo Woo, who has a voluptuous figure, usually wears clothing with a plunging neckline. It makes her look slimmer and makes her neckline stand out and look refreshing. Bada and Eugene, former members of girl group SES, are slim, but they have bigger upper bodies, so they usually wear short pants or skirts with simple tops to draw attention to their legs.
See-through lace cardigan look
Thick arms and broad shoulders make women look less feminine. Cardigans are a good way to cover up surplus fat and look slimmer. A see-through lace cardigan can make the wearer look slimmer, and the sheer fabric is a refreshing solution to the real-world heat.
SNSD’s Seohyun wore a lace cardigan to shoot a pictorial for the fashion magazine @Star1. Even though the cardigan has long sleeves, the lace makes it comfortable to wear in the summer.
Actress Shin Min Ah wore a black long-sleeved see-through at a press conference for SBS’s series My Girlfriend is Gumiho. Even though it was hot, her see-through look was sexy and didn’t look warm. The black color also helped slim her appearance. miss A’s Suzy also wore a long-sleeved see-through blouse and showed off her innocent yet sexy charm.

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