Thursday, August 16, 2012

Diet Tips for Glowing Skin

Having bright, glowing skin can give you a boost in your self-confidence. You can try all sorts of brightening creams, moisturizer and glitter, but the best way to get glowing skin is to begin with what you put in your body. Choosing the right diet can net you glowing skin that is fresh and, above all, noticeable. Does this Spark an idea? 
Foods to Eat
Science Daily recently compiled a list of foods you can incorporate in your diet that have a proven effect on getting brighter, more glowing skin. Many of these foods are also recommended by the USDA for optimum health. Choosing fruits and vegetables with bright colors, such as dark, leafy lettuce, blueberries and oranges, gives your skin essential vitamins C and E, which help in the regeneration of skin cells. They are also antioxidants, which shield your skin from age and damage. Choose calcium-rich foods such as milk and cheese, which contain vitamins A and C, essential for skin regeneration.
Foods to Avoid 
While many foods will help your skin get that glow, there are also foods that cause your skin to look dull that you should try to avoid. While restricting foods won't automatically clear up your skin problems, you may find that avoiding them helps your skin condition get better. If you notice that a food aggravates your dry skin, acne or psoriasis, avoid it. You might keep a food journal where you can record some of the foods that cause flaky or dulling skin, since everyone's skin reacts differently to trigger foods.
What to Drink
When doing a healthy skin diet, make sure that you keep hydrated. A minimum of eight glasses of water per day is necessary to keep skin hydrated and looking dewy and moisturized. Caffeine can dehydrate the skin, so it's best to cut out drinks that contain it such as coffee and soda. The same goes for alcohol, which can have a dehydrating effect.

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