Thursday, May 9, 2013

Hottest Prom Dress Trends 2013

You have probably already started looking through fashion magazines, stores and blogs in search for inspiration for your dream prom dress. This season just like the previous ones peplum, high neckline and rich embellishment are going to be popular in the prom dress fashion. However, in case you want to demonstrate your wild nature, consider opting for dresses from Anti-Prom Lookbook by Nasty Gal. Let’s find out how to wear the key prom dress trends 2013 for the die-for looks that will make everyone’s jaws drop.

Key Prom Dress Trends 2013

There is no a better way to add femininity, sensuality and delicateness to your look than lace. If you are looking for an utterly sweet dress, consider opting for one-color dress. In case you want to bring drama and style to your look, opt for the dress with lace in contrasting color, for instance, the classy black and white combination.

Zara Bridal Black and White Lace Prom Dress
Sequin-Embellished Bustier 
Even though we used to think that more embellishment is better when it comes to the ideal prom dress, try not to overload your outfit with the decorative elements. Rather than opting for a dress with overall embellishment, consider going for the one with ornate top only. Remember, you are the one who are supposed to be in the spotlight, not your dress.

Zara Bridal Sequin-Embellished Bustier Prom Dress
You shouldn’t be necessarily thin for wearing a peplum mini dress to your prom since it looks flattering on girls with different body types. Besides allowing flashing your legs, peplum gives an impression of a beautiful hourglass figure.

ASOS Peplum Dress 
Asymmetrical Neckline 
Try to introduce something unusual into your prom outfit. For instance, choose a dress with asymmetrical neckline instead of the regular one: it won’t change your look tremendously, but still add an interesting twist to it and accentuate your curves.

Wedding Dresses Mall Asymmetrical Neckline Prom Dress
Flapper Dress with Vintage Feel 
Embrace one of the best periods in US by wearing the flapper dress with intricate detailing and playful fringe for your prom night. In fact, vintage is timeless and utterly chic, so you will be able to wear it a few times.

Unique Vintage Flapper Prom Dress


What could be more intriguing than flashing naked body at unexpected places? Just keep in mind that this is a school event and stay away from the dresses that show too much.

Urban Outfitters Cutout Prom Dress
A layer of chiffon can to add a touch of chic and elegance to your prom dress and make it look like a red carpet-appropriate attire. Consider opting for the bottom that is higher at the front and lower at the back, which still remains a trendy option, or wear a dress with an illusion skirt.

Raining Blossoms Chiffon Trail Dress
Dresses with ombre effect are a perfect chance to stand out from the crowd without going overboard. In fact you may look bold on your prom night without opting for a dress with unusual silhouette or wild prints. The related hues like purple and pink or green and yellow will bring a romantic touch to your outfit, while contrasting colors of black and red are ideal for adding an edgy feel.

JSSHAN Collection Prom Dress with Ombre Effect

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